Mini symposia/Special sessions

MS64 Stochastic Modeling of Dynamic Excitations (earthquake ground motion,wind field or ocean waves)

Prof.Guoqing Huang :

Session Chairs:
Guoqing Huang, Professor, Chongqing University,
Zhangjun Liu, Professor, Wuhan Institute of Technology,
Ding Wang, Associate professor, Yanshan University,
Yanqiong Ding, Ph. D, Northwest A & F University,

Abstract of the special session:
Numerous structures were damaged, even collapsed due to dynamic excitations, such as earthquake, wind and ocean wave, which are of significant stochastic characteristics in nature. As the input, these dynamic excitations are critical for the analysis and design of the engineering structures. Hence, reasonable characterization and accurate modeling of these stochastic dynamic excitations become an important topic and receive extensive attention in the engineering.
In this session, we will focus on the stochastic modeling of dynamic excitations including the earthquake ground motion, wind field, ocean wave and so on. The simulation methods could include the frequency, time and hybrid domains. Further, the studies on the innovative models for dynamic excitations are also appropriate. Moreover, other related research is also welcome.

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