Mini symposia/Special sessions

MS60 Fatigue and Creep Reliability

Prof.Yazhou Xu :

Session Chairs:
Yazhou Xu , Professor, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology ,
Zhaodong Ding, Doctor, Hefei University of Technology,

Abstract of the special session:
Fatigue and creep, deterioration in time-dependent structural properties, are especially important for life-cycle safety of structures. Particularly, infrastructures, `such as transport facilities, wind power plants and off-shore platforms, etc., are designed to serve under long term loadings and deleterious conditions. Due to our limit understanding of the physical mechanism of fatigue and creep damages and high uncertainties of external loading and environmental action, special attention has been paid to the fatigue and creep reliability of these structures. Moreover, with the rapid development of new materials and advanced design methods, those high-performance structures become lighter and resource-efficient, which, however, are more susceptible to fatigue and creep failure due to the higher stress level. So far, available life prediction methods for fatigue and creep exhibit large variation. Under such circumstance there is still a continuous need to develop more accurate and practical fatigue and creep reliability methods.
This mini-symposium will serve as a platform for exchanging the newest advances on modeling, analysis and reliability evaluation of fatigue and creep. Both fundamental researches with emphasis on fatigue and creep mechanism and engineering applications with experimental or field measured data are welcome. Topics of interest include (but not limited to): stochastic modeling of fatigue and creep damage, practical fatigue and creep analysis, fatigue and creep reliability analysis, micro and mesoscopic physics of fatigue and creep, fracture of subcritical cracks, and other related methods.

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