Mini symposia/Special sessions

MS59 Engineering Analysis and Design with Complex Uncertainty

Prof. Wei Gao:

Session Chairs:
Wei Gao, Professor, The University of New South Wales,
Juan Ma, Professor, Xidian University,
Jin Cheng, Professor, Zhejiang University,

Abstract of the special session:
Response predication, reliability assessment and robust optimal design of engineering systems become increasingly challenging due to complex uncertainty conditions presented involving precise, limited, vague and imprecise information of system parameters and working environments. Probabilistic, interval, fuzzy, grey and hybrid methods have been extensively developed to cope with the complex uncertainties.
This Mini Symposium aims to present the latest developments on analysis, reliability assessment and optimal design of engineering systems in the presence of any types of aleatory and/or epistemic uncertainties. The problems may come from any areas such as civil, mechanical, automotive and aerospace engineering. The associated models may include all variants of precise and imprecise probabilities, interval, fuzzy and grey.

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