Mini symposia/Special sessions

MS56 Random Fields: Theory, Simulation and Applications

Prof. Qingxia Yue:

Session Chairs:
Qingxia Yue, Professor, Shandong Jianzhu University,
George Deodatis, Professor, Columbia University,

Pol D. Spanos, Professor, Rice University,


Abstract of the special session:
Random fields have attracted major research attention in recent years, not only in the geomechanics / geotechnical engineering areas, but also in civil engineering materials (e.g. concrete). But there are still several aspects of these random fields such as the determination of the correlation length, the auto- and cross-correlation structure, the stationarity vs non-stationarity issue, the Gaussianity vs non-Gaussianity issue that need to be established both from a physics and a measurements point of view. The resulting applications in reliability and risk assessment are obvious. Along these lines, this mini-symposium is concentrating on theoretical, numerical (simulation) and applications aspects of these random fields.
The following topics will be considered:

  • New developments in random field theory
  • Stationary vs non-stationary random field modeling and simulation
  • Gaussian vs non-Gaussian random field modeling and simulation
  • Auto-correlation structure from measurements and physics
  • Cross-correlation structure of multiple properties
  • Civil engineering materials and soils as random fields
  • Applications of random fields in reliability and risk analysis, and risk control and management

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