Mini symposia/Special sessions

MS52 (TC304)Geotechnical Reliability-based Design: Theory and Applications

Prof. Zijun Cao:

Session Chairs:
Zijun Cao, Professor, Wuhan University,
Jian Ji, Professor, Hohai University,
Dianqing Li, Professor, Wuhan University,

Abstract of the special session:
Reliability-based design provides a coherent and systematic framework to incorporate various geotechnical-related uncertainties into the design process of geotechnical structures. It has been attracting increasing attentions in the past two decades. The new edition of ISO2394 (General Principles on Reliability of Structures) has been published in 2015. It provides a basis for national/international code committees to develop reliability- or risk-based design codes of practice. One distinctive feature of ISO2394:2015 is a new Annex D: Reliability of geotechnical structures. Reliability-based design is also needed to build sustainable and resilient geotechnical structures and systems in future. It hence has a great potential to be adopted as the next generation of geotechnical design methodologies worldwide.
This session aims to provide a forum to discuss recent advances of methodologies and theory of geotechnical reliability-based design, and their novel applications in practice. Contributions on, but not limited to, geotechnical reliability-based design methods and theories, development and applications of geotechnical reliability- based design codes, and case studies are welcomed.

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