Mini symposia/Special sessions

MS44 Seismic Reliability of Pipe Systems: Recent Advances and Future Challenges

Prof. Aiwen Liu:

Session Chairs:
Aiwen Liu, Institute of Geophyiscs,China Earthquake Adminstation,Beijing 100081,China,
Endong Guo, Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China Earthquake Adminstation, Harbin 150080,China,
Wei Liu, Department of Building Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai 200092, China,

Abstract of the special session:
This mini-symposium seeks to share the latest advances in analytical, statistical, and simulation methods to quantity the seismic reliability and risk of pipe systems and inform decision making processes. Participants will discuss critical issues with reliability methods, component fragility, correlation structures, computational complexity, approximation algorithms, quality of bounds, clustering and design tools, and model validation among other issues. The detailed contents including:

  • Geotechnical problems of pipes;
  • Performance and Strong Ground Motions;
  • Damage Mechanism and Analysis of Pipeline and Disaster Simulation;
  • Dynamic Behavior of Buried Pipelines under Near Field Ground Motions and Fault Movement;
  • Monitoring and Sensing Systems of Pipeline Systems;
  • Seismic Reliability Evaluation of Buried Pipelines;
  • Seismic Reliability Evaluation of Pipeline Systems;
  • Risk Evaluation of Pipelines;
  • Application of New Technology to Pipeline System Disaster Prevention;
  • Emergency Response for Pipeline Network and Disaster Information System;
  • Restoration, Reconstruction and Function Rehabilitation Strategy;
  • Optimum Budget for Counter-measures on Pipeline Systems and Consensus on Acceptable Risk .

The organizers will identify and promote areas for potential collaborations among attendees and presenters to ensure that the system reliability field continues its path of scientific and applicable contributions to safety, reliability, and risk-informed decisions of pipeline systems.

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