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MS28 Structural Control and Optimal Design under Uncertainties

Prof. Yongbo Peng:

Session Chairs:
Yongbo Peng, Professor, Tongji University, China, E-mail:
Dario De Domenico, Research Fellow, University of Messina, Italy, E-mail:
Fan Kong, Associate Professor, Wuhan University of Technology, E-mail:

Emanuele Gandelli, R&D Engineer, Maurer SE, Germany, E-mail:


Abstract of the special session:
Engineering structures and infrastructure systems located in areas characterized by strong seismic intensity and high wind pressure are prone to suffer from serious damage. Structural control thus represents an efficient solution for the risk mitigation of engineering structures, and has been paid extensive attention in the past decades. However, the design and optimization of structural control systems is a challenging task since quantification of uncertainties inherent in the occurring time, location and strength of hazardous actions, and inherent in the structural materials and systems is a critical problem. Due to the lack of logical treatment of uncertainties, the structural control system designed according to prevailing codes had suffered from serious damages during strong earthquakes and high winds. For instance, the oil dampers installed in the building of Northeastern University of Technology, Japan experienced serious damage during Sendai earthquake in March 11, 2011, due to an underestimation of damper stroke. Therefore, structural control and optimal design under uncertainties is a significant task to ensure the safety of engineering structures.
The aim of this mini-symposium is addressing the advances on theory and methods of structural control and optimal design considering the uncertainties inherent in external excitations and structural systems. The scope of the mini-symposium is broad, which includes the topics but is not limited as follows:

  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Efficient reliability methods
  • Surrogate models
  • Advanced structural control techniques
  • Reliability-based design
  • Performance-based design
  • Robust design and optimization

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