Mini symposia/Special sessions

MS27 Probabilistic Life-Cycle Performance Assessment of Civil Engineering Systems

Prof. Mitsuyoshi Akiyama:

Session Chairs:
Mitsuyoshi Akiyama, Professor, Waseda University,
Dan M. Frangopol, Professor, Lehigh University,

Abstract of the special session:
Despite extensive studies in the field of life-cycle performance assessment of civil engineering systems, a number of issues still remain unclear. One of the main intricacies is the uncertainty associated with the physical parameters involved in the problem. Because of the presence of uncertainties, long-term structural performance must be predicted based on probabilistic concepts and methods, and life-cycle reliability assessment methodologies must be established.
The aim of this Special Session is to attract papers that deal with the use of advanced techniques for evaluating the probabilistic life-cycle performance of aging structures in an aggressive environment. For these structures, multiple environmental and mechanical stressors lead to deterioration of structural performance. Such deterioration will reduce their service life and increase the life-cycle cost associated with maintenance actions. This Special Session covers current theoretical and experimental efforts made in the assessment and prediction of performance, maintenance and strengthening of existing structures in an aggressive environment. The following topics would be addressed:

  • Life-cycle analysis of aging structures based on reliability approach
  • Probabilistic long-term deterioration models of structural performance
  • Common inspection methods and advanced structural health monitoring techniques
  • Updating the reliability of existing structures by incorporating inspection results
  • Related topics such as laboratory or field experiments on aging structures providing information on life
  • cycle performance assessment

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