Mini symposia/Special sessions

MS26 Interval Approaches for Structural Uncertainty Quantification

Prof. Chao Jiang:

Session Chairs:
Chao Jiang, professor, Hunan University,
Bingyu Ni, Dr., Hunan University,
Xiangyun Long, associate professor, Hunan University,

Abstract of the special session:
Uncertainties have been acknowledged as being extremely important in a wide variety of areas relating to risk assessment and reliability design of structures. To handle the aleatory and epistemic uncertainties that frequently encountered in practical engineering, a series of uncertainty quantification models and reliability analysis approaches have been proposed and developed. As an effective method for dealing with epistemic uncertainties, in recent decades, the interval approaches have been gaining growing interest in uncertainty quantification and reliability analysis of structures or systems with limited information. The interval method uses the upper and lower bounds rather than the probabilistic characteristics for description of uncertainty, which provides a beneficial supplement for probabilistic methods if the sample data is insufficient for construction of a probability model. This mini-symposium aims to provide a forum for in-depth discussion of key issues in interval uncertainty quantification. Topics of interests include but are not limited to the following aspects:

  1. Interval analysis
  2. Convex modeling
  3. Interval processes and interval fields
  4. Interval uncertainty propagation analysis
  5. Interval finite element methods
  6. Interval uncertain optimization
  7. Inverse interval uncertainty quantification
  8. Structural dynamic analysis under interval uncertainties
  9. Optimization design under interval uncertainties
  10. Other uncertainty quantification methods involving interval models

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