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MS21 (TC304) Uncertainty Characterization of the Geological Model and Its Influences

Prof. Wenping Gong:

Session Chairs:
Wenping Gong, Professor, Faculty of Engineering, China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, Hubei 430074, China. Email:
Lei Wang, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of the District of Columbia, Washington, DC 20008, USA. Email:

Abstract of the special session:
This session is organized by TC304 (Engineering Practice of Risk Assessment and Management Committee), ISSMGE.
Most geological models adopted in the engineering design and analyses are abstractions of the real world scenarios with assumptions and simplifications, and the discrepancies between model predictions and field observations are generally a norm, rather than an exception. The quantification and characterization of uncertainties in the geological models for the design, construction, and management phases of infrastructure projects is of great importance and a rising concern in engineering practice. This technical session aims to provide a platform for researchers around the world to exchange ideas on the recent advances in the uncertainty characterization of geological models and evaluation of their influences on the engineering design and analyses. Nowadays with the evolving advanced computational and mathematical methods, researchers have developed complex models including many numerical models to improve the fidelity in the geological model prediction. However, qualification of uncertainty in such models can be a challenging task faced by the risk and reliability community. The geological models with various level of complexity also pose a challenge for the researchers and practitioners to select the most appropriate model with regards to both the fidelity and robustness for their geological and geotechnical problems in the face of uncertainty.
This technical session plans to include selected presentations on the recent advances in uncertainty characterization of the geological model and its influences, ranging from traditional topics such as landslide and soil liquefaction, to emerging problems such as carbon sequestration, offshore and geothermal foundations. Researchers, practicing engineers and government officers are expected to benefit from attending this session.

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