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MS18 Structural Reliability Analysis with Cognitive Uncertainties

PhD. Zequan Chen:

Session Chairs:
Zequan Chen, PhD, Jilin University,

Abstract of the special session:
The purpose of this special session is to solve structural reliability analysis problems with cognitive uncertainties. The research on structural reliability analysis based on random uncertainties is quite mature, but the research on structural reliability analysis with cognitive uncertainties is still in its infancy. However, with the increase of critical and complex design requirements of modern structures, in many practical engineering problems, it is difficult to obtain accurate probability distributions of uncertainties, and there are cognitive uncertainties. If the cognitive uncertainties are simply converted into random uncertainties or deterministic factors, it may produce intolerable deviations and cause the final analysis result to be invalid. Therefore, the in-depth development of structural reliability analysis theories and methods based on non-probabilistic models that describe cognitive uncertainties has become the core theme of this special session. This special session focuses on the improvement and innovation of traditional structural reliability analysis methods with cognitive uncertainties. How to describe cognitive uncertainties more accurately and efficiently, how to combine cognitive uncertainties with reliability analysis methods, and how to further improve the efficiency, robustness, and effectiveness of structural reliability analysis methods are the key to this conference.

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