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MS11  Hazard and Risk Assessment of Earthquake-induced Landslides

Dr.  Chong Xu:


Session Chairs:

Chong Xu, Dr., Institute of Crustal Dynamics, China Earthquake Administration,

Qing Lü, Dr., Zhejiang University,


Abstract of the special session

This session is organized by TC304, ISSMGE.

Earthquake is a common nature hazard which causes a lot of casualties and economic losses all over the world every year. The earthquake induced landslides are the major sources of the losses in an earthquake which has attracted more and more research interests in recent years. This mini-symposium focuses on the recent research progress on the hazard and risk assessments of earthquake-induced landslides. The following topics include, but are not limited to, are all welcome to present in this mini-symposium.


1.The latest methods and technologies to predict the earthquake-induced landslide

2.The mechanism of the earthquake-induced landslides

3.The uncertainties sources of the earthquake-induced landslides and its probabilistic assessment methods

4.The post disaster evaluation method and related technologies of the regional earthquake-induced landslides

5.All other new theories, technologies, methods, models, and applications related to the earthquake-induced landslide hazard and risk assessment


The purpose of this mini-symposium is to provide a platform to exchange the most recent research progress in the field of the earthquake-induced landslides, which we believe in that all participants would obtain what they want.

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