Mini symposia/Special sessions

MS04 Decision Science for Resilience

Assistant Prof.Maria Nogal:

Session Chair:
Maria Nogal, Assistant Professor, Delft University of Technology,
Alan O'Connor, Professor, Trinity College Dublin,

Abstract of the special session:
Resilience assessment of engineering systems has attracted much attention from researchers in the last years. Nevertheless, practitioners are still struggling to determine how the tools and methods developed in the context of engineering resilience can be applied in their daily activities and strategic plans to achieve structures and infrastructure systems that are proved to be more resilient.
This special session calls for research works proposing quantifiable approaches to support practitioners in their decision-making process in realistic scenarios, characterized by the uncertainty of future hazards, the high dependence to the response of the interconnected systems, and where the monetary-based decisions might be in conflict with other requirements, such as societal and political interests. Analytical instruments designed to inform and prioritise actions and investments in competitive contexts, real and realistic case studies discussing strategies, and value for money assessments of programs that aim to boost engineering system resilience are examples of the topics that this session will discuss.

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